On-Site Installation

  • Installation of Welding & Handling Robot in existing Dash Line to increase JPH.
  • Installation of Sunroof Line for new Model comprising of Handling robot, Sealant Robot, Marriage station, Sealant stand & SCA sealant system.
  • Installation of Bodyside Hemming Line Comprising of Hemming robots for LH & RH (2 each)
  • PRB’s for Body transfer.
  • 3 Cross tracker PRB’s.
  • Removing Old guns (12 Nos.) & installing new guns in UB, MB lines due to change in PLC (Siemens to Rockwell) & installation of BOSCH Controllers.
  • Modification in existing Front Floor, Cowl, Roof, Mainline Fixtures to accommodate new model.
  • Modification of existing Bodyside trollies for new Model.
  • Addition of Poke-Yoke in Dash, Front Floor, Bodyside, Roof & Mainline Fixtures for new model.
PROJECT DETAILS Mahindra & Mahindra Chakan 30003083 Painting Line.
  • Paint Shop Conveyor dismantling & re-installation.
  • Supply & installation of cable glanding, tagging, feruling, termination on both sides with labels for cables.(Material: Cu.lugs, cable clamp, steel grip tapes (red, yellow, blue, black), cable hose and hose gland, cable labels etc.)
  • Material supply by Customer & Installation by sub contractor.
  • Dismantling and reinstallation of cable tray & Control desk
  • Site function test, measurements and relative reports for multiple times
  • Manpower Support after 100% IO testing and rotation test
  • Production support after commissioning
  • Assembly of PRB’s.
  • Modification work in ICV grippers.
PROJECT DETAILS GM Body shop Total 136 Welding Guns,Projection & stud welding installation
Rocker Panel for Auto Spot-Welding in Bodyshop, GMI

This SPM is specially designed & custom-made for the re-spot line, where the BIW is spot welded while in motion. Due to this the production time is reduced considerably along with increased efficiency (as compared to the manual spot-welding done earlier).